Introducing The World’s First Craft Beer Crossword Puzzle Book!!!

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Introducing the world’s first Craft Beer Crossword Puzzle Book for Beer Geeks, Beer Aficionados and Crossword Puzzlers!

Check out the table of contents to see what puzzles are included in what is the first in a series of puzzle books that will come out on the bubbly brew we all have grown to love.

Most of the puzzles’ beer clues have alternative italicized clues that allow two chances at solving the beer questions so you do not need to know absolutely everything about beer or every brewery and their beers to solve them.

Crossword puzzles are good for your mind! They are fantastic for warding off dementia causing conditions. They are great for learning new words, new acronyms and new trivia tidbits that you may have never heard before. Once you climb inside the mind of the author, you begin to figure out the clue angles and solving them gets easier. Don’t give up or in, take the challenge and improve your mind!

This book is a great gift idea for a beer enthusiast, it is a great gift for crossword puzzlers who are getting into beer, it is a great novelty gift and it may become a collector’s item. Buy an extra one to put away.

Whether it is just for the heck of it, a gift idea for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Chanukah or any other celebratory moment in life, Go ahead, take the challenge, grab your favorite brew and have fun!

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